Kite Surf Paradise

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Kite Surf Paradise

Kite Surf Paradise - in Paros

Pounta Kite Surf area is a very famous and well known spot for Kite Surfers! It is one of the 3 most famous places in the world! Our island has been growing in popularity over the years as more and more kitesurfers learn about the amazing wind conditions.

Pounda is located on the West coast of Paros and has special conditions for kite.

The spot is in front of the island of Antiparos and is therefore situated in a wind corridor accelerated by the two islands, while leaving a distance of at least a kilometer to draw good freeride edges. Moreover, the wind is often very strong in high season, which is not necessarily ideal for beginners.

The spot is largely equipped with infrastructure, including schools where you can rent stuff or leave your own guard for not much.

The beach is quite narrow and quickly becomes crowded in high season, but the water body, flat to choppy, is immense.

Advantages: Infrastructures - Strong and consistent wind - Huge body of water
Disadvantages: Lots of attendance in high season so we suggest you to visit us in low or middle season

Are you looking for a unique experience? Please contact us! Escape the crowds, take a journey through the Islands and discover kite spots only accessible by private boat. The Cyclades is a Kitesurfers playground. Our trips follow the wind and take you on an unforgettable voyage of discovery and adventure.