Villages in Paros

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Ambelas - A gem next to Naoussa

- A small village by the sea
- Located north east side of Paros
- About 3 km outside of cosmopolitan Naoussa
- There are beautiful traditional taverns
- Ideal for people who desire to spend calm family holidays

Aliki - A lovely fishing village

- A quiet fishing village
- Southern cost of Paros
- A small port for fishing boats and yachts
- Several shops, cafés and restaurants as well as supermarkets and well known bakery
- Sunset views along the sea front
- Realise your dream in a tavern of Aliki’s small harbour
- Many sport activities are closed to Aliki such as tennis court, diving school, basketball, football pitch 5x5 and Yoga centre
- Playgrounds and playing fields in case you have children
- Nearby beaches can be found at Agios Nikolaos, Platia Ammos, Makria Miti, Voutakos and Farangas

Marpissa - A picturesque village

- A picturesque village built on a small hill
- Located about 15 km far from Parikia and about 10 km from Naoussa
- It worth to find the road which called “Three Windmills” and you can climb up to hill of Kefalos. On the top of the hill there are the ruins of a castle built in 1500
- Visit the small Monastery of Agios Antonios (16th century) with a splendid view to many islands
- Adjacent beaches are the splendid beach of Molos and Kalogeros Bay with the green clay with medical properties

Antiparos - A small island opposite of Paros

- A favourite destination of families, romantics and people looking for a unique holiday getaway
- It can be easily reached from Pounda port in Paros by a ferry boat. The ferry boat ride takes about 7 minutes
- Its beaches are breathtaking, as many are located in small coves and have soft, golden sands.
- The cave's impressive stalagmites and stalactites are some of the finest in Greece

A traditional fishing village - in Paros

Piso Livadi and Logaras - A traditional fishing village

- A traditional fishing village
- Located at the south east side of Paros
- Has been uilt amphitheatrically around the pretty little harbour with stunning views to Aegean Sea
- Following the main road, in about 800 meters you will be at the beautiful village of Logaraa
- Enjoy your drink and meal in many restaurants, famous for its Greek cuisine, and cafes located on the waterfront, viewing the sea and the colourful boats at the small marines

Nature and wild - in Paros

Molos - Nature and wild

- A small fishing village
- Located at the east side of Paros
- Exceptionally scenic surroundings
- Do not forget to swim at Molos bay and Kalogeros bay (famous for its healing green mud)

Drios - One of the greenest areas of the island

- A small fishing village
- Located at the south east side of Paros
- One of the most beautiful villages in Paros
- Spotless organized or not sandy beaches and sparkling clean water
- Super markets, exceptional Greek taverns on the sea and cafes next to the sea or around a nice lake
- At the end of the small beach there is a historical secret for you. It is the ruins of the archaic dockyard
- Opposite you will see the uninhabited small island which called Drionisi
- Famous beaches next to Drios are Golden Beach (Chrisi Akti), Nea Chrissi Akti, Tserdakia, Boutari, Pyrgaki and many other

The capital and the port of Paros - in Paros

Parikia - The capital and the port of Paros

- Many shops, Greek traditional restaurants, cafes and bars
- In the centre of Parikia there are ruins of the Venetian castle and around to it there are white little picturesque houses with colourful windows and nice balconies with beautiful flowers
- On the entrance of the port, a superb whitewashed windmill welcomes the visitors
- Adjacent beaches are Livadia beach, Marcelo and Krios beach, Delfini beach, Parasporos beach and Agia Irini beach
- Many monuments, museums and famous Churches. Ekatondapiliani (One Hundred doors) church, the archaeological museum, the Byzantine museum, the Venetian castle, the Ancient Wall, the Ancient Cemetery, the Asklipeion, Dilion, the mosaic floors and many other historical places
- The Old Town of Parikia is around the Venetian Castle, which called Kastro
- Visit the Butterfly Valley (Petaloudes), so to enjoy in the most beautiful nature of Paros the attraction of thousands of butterflies

Marathi - The marble quarries

- Between Parikia and Lefkes is Marathi village
- There are the ancient quarries
- Many international sculptors live on Paros and work with this magnificent stone
- Visit Marathi with the ruins of the minors’ houses

The pearl of Paros - in Paros

Naoussa - The pearl of Paros

- The most picturesque place on the whole of the Cyclades
- Many traditional, whitewashed houses and many marvellous little taverns and restaurants
- Located in a huge bay in the northern part of Paros
- Adjacent beaches are Agios Ioannis (Monastiri), Kolimbithres Beach (with huge lava rocks in different shapes), Laggeri, Agioi Anargyroi, Santa Maria, Ambelas and much more
- Admire the scenery of colourful fishing boats at the picturesque harbour and in distance the ruins of the Venetian Castle
- Ideal for shopping as you could find many boutiques and shops
- Do not forget to enjoy Naoussa by night.  Every night many people sing, dance and have fun till the sunrise!
- Enjoy the water sports such as windsurf, scuba diving etc and have fun at a nice water park
- Many archaeological sites and monuments that are very interesting to visit.
- One of the exceptional places to visit in Naoussa is the “Paros Park”. It is The Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros with walking paths, 3 beaches within the peninsula of Agios Ioannis Detis (Monastiri), special geological rocks and many different plant species

Lefkes - Traditional mountain village

- A very beautiful, traditional mountain village
- Located at the centre of Paros
- Has been built like an amphitheatre in the hillside 250 meters high
- Quiet village and you might sense noises but only made by nature, the sound of birds and humble bees
- All roads lead to the square with the famous “Kafenion” kept in cameras of million visitors
- The Jewel of Lefkes is the church of Agia Triada, which has dominant position at the centre of the village, made of Parian marble, hosting lots of icons made by ancient and modern painters and rare Byzantine pictures
- Visit the 1.000 years old Byzantine marble footpath, which starts at Lefkes behind the famous Kafenion